INSOMNIO (Utrecht-based ensemble for contemporary music) and Ensemble Modelo62 (from The Hague) are ensembles in residence during ICMC 2016.




INSOMNIO, an ensemble for contemporary music, was founded in 1997. Through the years the ensemble grew out into a group of 17 musicians with an international orientation. In recent years, the strong love of the musicians for contemporary music, their sheer boundless energy and their enthusiasm has resulted in well-received projects both within the Netherlands and abroad.
Working from the conviction that contemporary composed music, alongside other forms of contemporary artistic expression, should find a firm foothold in society, INSOMNIO performs compositions by contemporary composers for as-large-as-possible an audience. INSOMNIO demonstrates that the newest sounds are surprising, refreshing and enriching and give access to a limitless new world. Performances of this new music are given alongside benchmarks of the renowned 20th-century repertoire, providing the audience with a foothold as it explores exciting new trails in music. As a Dutch ensemble, INSOMNIO promotes works by Dutch composers.

In recent years, INSOMNIO performed in several venues for contemporary music both within the Netherlands and abroad. The ensemble was present at festivals in, amongst others, England, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, South-Africa and China. In 2007 INSOMNIO was appointed as ensemble-in-residence of the ISCM, the International Society for Contemporary Music.

In the Netherlands, INSOMNIO organised several festivals which centred on a country of region, such as Cuba (2007), Catalonia (2002) and Finland (2005). By now INSOMNIO has consolidated a solid foothold in The Netherlands. From 2008 onwards, the ensemble had its own series in Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh. Now the new TivoliVredenburg has opened the ensemble regularly performs in it’s various halls.

The ensemble consists of 17 musicians (strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and percussion), with Ulrich Pöhl as chief- conductor, Idske Bakker as artistic director and general manager Theo Andriessen.

INSOMNIO is co-founder of Muziekhuis Utrecht, a collaboration between contemporary music ensembles within the city of Utrecht. The ensemble is structurally subsidized by the city of Utrecht.

As a group of eleven musicians that originate from nine different nations, the The Hague-based Ensemble Modelo62 is an exceptionally international ensemble. Bursting with enthusiasm, the musicians eagerly engage with both the conceptual and sonic sides of composed music, bringing compositions to life with energetic performances. Modelo62 combines ambitious programming with a high level of virtuosity. Accompanying this, the musicians approach experimentation with a remarkable openness, encouraging the stimulation of new techniques across a variety of musical styles.

Ensemble Modelo62 takes risks to develop new work and talent, placing an emphasis on combining the commissioning of young upcoming composers with those from more established generations. These commissions form a good part of the ensemble's growing repertoire, averaging over a dozen world premieres per year. This has allowed Modelo62 to build extraordinary and often long-term collaborative projects with composers and other artists. Modelo62 is a versatile ensemble, performing works of musical theatre, dance, video projects, installations, solo works, chamber music, large ensemble, and sinfonietta sized works.

This dedication to the performance of contemporary music has resulted in invitations to a number of music festivals including the famous Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, as well as regular guest appearances at festivals in The Netherlands such as the renowned Gaudeamus Muziekweek, November Music, and Dag in de Branding. Modelo62 has travelled to Mexico for a several city tour, and travelled to Argentina twice, once also for a several city tour, and a second time to give multiple opera performances in Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. Modelo62 has also been ensemble in residence in Ghent at the Orpheus Instituut where they recorded their first CD.

Recently, Modelo62 released their second CD Modelo Moves, a studio recording of a collection of the works performed during their Argentinian tour.

Besides performing concerts, Modelo62 organizes workshops and reading sessions for young composers. In this way, the group stimulates the development of young talent, and stays up to date with the evolution of new music.

A number of the musicians in the ensemble are also composers: Artistic director and conductor Ezequiel Menalled, trumpet player Justin Christensen, and pianist Teodora Stepančić. This stimulates an intensive collaboration inside the group and results with tailor-made compositions.

The ensemble has commissioned work from such distinguished young and established composers as Clarence Barlow, Diderik Wagenaar, Gilius van Bergeijk, Janco Verduin, Santiago Santero, Michael Finnissy, Graham Flett, Kate Moore, Hugo Morales and Claudio Baroni.

The group has performed at festivals like Festival Tou Scene (Stavanger, Norway) New Works Festival, (Southampton, United Kingdom), Toonzetters 2010 (Amsterdam), Darmstadt Festival für Neue Music (Darmstadt, Germany), Dag in de Branding (Den Haag) November Music (Den Bosch), the Gaudeamus performers competition (Amsterdam) and the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht).

After tours to Mexico, Argentina, Norway, United Kingdom, and Germany, Modelo62 continues to build its international profile with promises to bring another tour to Argentina.