Conference themes

The main theme of ICMC 2016 will be “Is the sky the limit?”. This theme is divided into five sub-themes, each of which will play a central role on each conference day.



1. Is the sky determined by technology or aesthetics?

The creative process and the associated aesthetics in electronic music have always been largely defined by technology. This technology has now been developed to such an extent that often it is no longer seen as a defining and/or restricting element.

2. Is the sky local?

Innovation starts on a small scale - in labs and educational institutes, and through visionary individuals. What they have in common is their place at the foundation of initiatives that aim to radically change the course of music history.



3. Educating for the sky

Courses in Computer Music and/or Music Technology come in all sorts of gradations and cultural views. The question might be - what is our educational goal and what is advisable? The answer to this question will be strongly influenced by different contexts.

4. Does the sky need a composer or musician?

Do we still need musicians? Or composers? Why do we need an audience? Is there no direct distribution to your audience? Has electronic or computer music become a logical or natural part of contemporary music?




5. Stretching the sky

Since the 1950’s, new music has alienated itself completely from society and now only operates within an almost immeasurably small niche of enthusiasts. The general public has no knowledge or love of it. While electronic music originally played a small part, on closer inspection it has developed much more broadly and is increasingly present in all sorts of layers of society, from musical contexts to social sectors, from concert halls to healthcare, and from the public domain to computer games.