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Spectrorhythmic evolutions: towards semantically enhanced algorave systems

This paper explores enhanced live coding as a strategy for improvisatory audiovisual performances of rhythm-based music. The real time decision-making process of the programmer-performer is informed and aided by interactive machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated agent algorithms. These algorithms are embedded in a network-based distributed software architecture of an audiovisual performance system, which is comprised of computer graphics, sound synthesis and algorithmic composition clients. The system facilitates human-computer interaction through live coding during performances to create extemporized immersive multimodal experiences for audiences. The audiovisual content during performances is created with reactive artificial life algorithms, evolutionary sound synthesis, machine listening and music analysis. Autonomous agent systems, audio feature extraction and linked semantic data formats help the performer cope with the complexities of live coding multimedia performance environments.


Alo Allik     web site
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University of London
United Kingdom


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