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Graphical Temporal Structured Programming for Interactive Music

The development and authoring of interactive music or applications, such as user interfaces for arts \& exhibitions
has traditionally been done with tools that pertain to two broad metaphors.
Cue-based environments work by making groups of parameters and sending them to remote devices,
while more interactive applications are generally written in generic art-oriented
programming environments, such as Max/MSP, Processing or openFrameworks.
In this paper, we present the current version of the i-score sequencer.
It is an extensive graphical software that bridges the gap between time-based, logic-based and flow-based interactive application authoring tools.
Built upon a few simple and novel primitives that give to the composer the expressive power of structured programming, i-score provides a time line adapted to the notation of parameter-oriented interactive music,
and allows temporal scripting using JavaScript. We present the usage of these primitives, as well as an i-score example of work inspired from music based on polyvalent structure.


Jean-Michaël Celerier    
Image et Son
LaBRI / Blue Yeti

Myriam Desainte-Catherine    
Image et Son
Université de Bordeaux, LaBRI, CNRS, INRIA

Jean-Michel Couturier     web site
Blue Yeti


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