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Exploiting Mimetic Theory for Instrument Design

This poster will demonstrate a first instrument and dis- cuss its design method, derived from principles informed by mimetic theories. The purpose of these design princi- ples is to create new and innovative digital music instru- ments.
Even though mimetic theories are known to be important to the communication, engagement and expression of music performance, this ongoing enquiry represents the first consolidated effort to develop design principles from mimetic theory.
As part of the project, a development cycle is being fol- lowed to produce, evaluate and improve the design prin- ciples, and as part of this poster, a first prototype will be demonstrated.
This paper covers a short description of the first proto- type, describes the design process towards developing some generically applicable design criteria and covers some of the underlying theories around empathy, com- municative musicality and mimetic participation.


Philip Wigham    
Contemporary Arts
Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom


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