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Computer-Based Tutoring for Conducting Students

In this paper we present a computer-based conductor tutoring system that uses the Microsoft Kinect to provide beginner conducting students with feedback about their performance during an individual practice session. The system is capable of detecting common mistakes such as swaying, rocking, excessive hinge movement, and mirroring, and it can also determine conducting tempo, as well as classify articulation as staccato or legato. Testing has shown that the systems performs nearly perfectly when detecting rocking, swaying, and excessive hinge movement, correctly classifies articulation most of the time, and determines tempo correctly. The system was well received by conducting students and their instructor, as it allows them to practice by themselves, without an orchestra.


Andrea Salgian    
Department of Computer Science
The College of New Jersey
United States

David Vickerman    
Department of Music
The College of New Jersey
United States


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