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Concatenative Synthesis via Chord-Based Segmentation For "An Experiment with Time"

In this article we describe a symbol-oriented approach to corpus-based electroacoustic composition, used during the writing of the sound and video installation "An Experiment with Time", by one of the authors. A large set of audio files (picked from a database spanning the whole history of western music) is segmented and labeled by chord. Taking advantage of the "bach" library for Max, a meta-score is then constructed where each note actually represents an abstract chord. This chord is potentially associated to the whole collections of grains labeled with it. Filters can be applied in order to limit the scope to some given subset of sound files or in order to match some specific descriptor range. When the score is rendered, an appropriate sequence of grains (matching the appropriate chords and filters) is retrieved, possibly ordered by some descriptor, and finally concatenated via standard montage techniques.


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