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Composing for an Orchestra of Sonic Objects: The Shake-ousmonium Project

This article reports and discusses the “Shake- ousmonium” project; a collective effort to design and build an orchestra of sonic objects, in parallel to the composition and performance of five original pieces in a concert. A significant diversity of sound sources were created using structure-borne sound drivers to transform a range of materials into loudspeakers, as well as augmented instruments, DIY electromechanical instruments and prepared speakers. The article presents the system design and the pieces composed for it, followed by a discussion on the extension of the compositional gesture towards the material environment – the sonic objects. Audiotactility in concert setting is considered, in connection with the results of an audience feedback poll conducted after the concert.


Otso Lähdeoja     web site
Music Technology
University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy


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