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Honeybadger and LR.step: A Versitile Drum Sequencer DMI

This paper presents a NIME consisting of a new algo-rithmic drum sequencer and its mappings to a Nintendo Wiiremote. The sequencer, named LR.step, is based on Clarence Barlow's Indispensability algorithm, and builds upon previous work with this algorithm, introducing sev-eral novel features. This sequencer differs from previous implementations of the Indispensability algorithm in that it is fully determinant and requires performer control to modulate it. A method for calculating arbitrary subdivi-sions of the beat, such as 14th note triplets, as well as two processes for generating syncopation are discussed. The mapping of this sequencer to the Wiiremote has been designed using a paradigm of multiple levels of interac-tion, from fully involved two-handed control of the Wiiremote to hands free control with the Wiiremote vel-croed to the performer. An overview of controls, reflec-tions on performance method, and possibilities for future work are given.


Morgan Jenks     web site
Department of Visualization
Texas A&M University
United States


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