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Nodewebba: Software for Composing with Networked Iterated Maps

Nodewebba software provides a GUI implementation of the author’s “Variable-Coupled Map Networks” (VCMN) approach to algorithmic composition. A VCMN node consists of a simple iterated map, timing controls, and controls for mapping the node output to musical pa-rameters. These nodes can be networked, routing the outputs of nodes to control the variables of other nodes. This can enable complex emergent patterning and provides a powerful tool for creating engaging musical materials that exhibit complexly but coherently interrelated parts. Nodewebba also provides API hooks for programmers to expand its functionality. The author discusses the design and features of Nodewebba, some of the technical implementation issues, and a brief example of its application to a compositional project


Bret Battey     web site
Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre
De Montfort University
United Kingdom


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