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Using Layer Based Amplitude Panning (LBAP) Audio Spatialization Algorithm and D4 Max Library’s Rapid Prototyping Tools for the Interactive 3D Audification and Sonification of Multidimensional Data, and in Interactive Music Scenarios in High Density Loudsp

The workshop will present the new LBAP algorithm and the supporting D4 Max library’s collection of tools for real-time 3D audification, sonfication, and interactive performance in High Density Loudspeaker Array (HDLA) scenarios. It will cover theory and application of the said tools, including their unique features, such as the Spatialization Mask and Motion Blur. Participants will be given a hands-on opportunity to experiment with the software and learn how to create a scalable and transportable system that can adapt to most speaker configurations. Of particular focus will be learning ways to import and integrate multidimensional data and render it spatially in real-time. So far, LBAP and D4 have been successfully tested with configurations of up to 137 loudspeakers and up to 1,011 concurrent 24-bit 48KHz audio streams with sub 22ms latency.


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