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Composing and Performing Digital Voice Using Microphone-Centric Gesture and Control Data

Digital voice is a rich area for compositional and performative research. Existing voice-technology work frequently entails a division of labor between the composer-technologist, who creates the hardware and/or software and devises the formal structure of the piece, and the performing vocalist, who may have some creative or improvisational input into small-scale details of the piece. Crucially, in this scheme it is typically the composer-technologist who writes about the work, and thus many scientific papers on digital voice lack an authorial performance perspective. This paper aims to imbue performance back into the discussion of digital voice, drawing from my own experience as a composer-technologist-vocalist. In addition, many novel controllers for vocal performance are glove- and hand-centric, but in fact the hands are auxiliary to vocal performance. I propose the Abacus controller, which in performance is mounted directly on the microphone, as a more literally voice- and mouth-centric means of controlling digital voice.


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University of Virginia
United States


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