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InMuSIC: an Interactive Multimodal System for Electroacoustic Improvisation

InMuSIC is an Interactive Musical System (IMS) designed
for electroacoustic improvisation (clarinet and live electronics). The system relies on the implementation of a set of musical interactions based on the multimodal analysis of a single instrumentalist’s behaviour: observation of both embodied motion cues (upper body motion tracking) and sonic parameters (audio features analysis). Expressive cues are computed at various levels of abstraction by combining and comparing the multimodal data. The analysed musical information organises and shapes the sonic output of the system influencing various decision-making processes. The procedures outlined for the real-time organisation of the electroacoustic materials aim to facilitate the development of musical structures and immediate sound interactions. During the improvised session, InMuSIC generates heterogeneous sonorities balancing different degrees of adaptiveness and autonomy based on both the system’s internal processes and the performer’s expressive behaviour. According to specific compositional and performative strategies the performance is perceived as a close, dialogical collaboration between the musician and the system.


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