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“MUCCA”: an Integrated Educational Platform for Generative Artwork and Collaborative Workshops

Generative art is one way of creating art, and has been facilitated by digital technology. It has several areas of educational potential in terms of students being able to learn many kinds of artistic expression. However, existing environments have some limitations for introducing them in an educational setting. Thus, we have built an integrated educational platform for creating generative art and holding collaborative workshops. When designing it, we considered some aspects of learning processes and managing workshops. For the technical part of the platform, we developed environments for producing art and collaborating on projects, including a mobile application and a network system for holding workshops. Using this platform, we ran a workshop where participants made art by attending participatory concerts and interactive exhibitions. The response to this event demonstrated the efficiency of our platform, and pointed to the need for further investigation of learning experiences.


Takayuki Hamano     web site
Tokyo University of the Arts

Tsuyoshi Kawamura     web site

Ryu Nakagawa     web site
Graduate School of Design and Architecture
Nagoya City University

Kiyoshi Furukawa     web site
Intermedia Art
Tokyo University of the Arts


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