International Computer Music Conference 2016 Papers Track

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Music Industry, Academia and the Public

What kind of partnerships are best placed to drive innovations in the music sector? Considering the con-tinual appetite for new products and services within our knowledge economy, how can we ensure that the most novel and significant research can be applied in and exploited for the market? How can we ensure that the whole music sector, including the not-for-profit sector, benefits and is engaged in new knowledge production?

This paper represents an exploration of a partnership model – the triple and quadruple helix – that is specifically designed to drive innovation. Applying this to the music technology sector, the presentation will provide case studies relevant for driving innovations in music technology, the creative sector and digital innovations. It will specifically consider the UK context, but also cover both the for-profit sector and social enterprise, and emphasize the importance of partnerships and community for maxim-izing sustainability when devising research and de-velopment projects using helix system models.


Carola Boehm     web site
Contemporary Arts
Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom


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