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The invention of performance techniques for the karlax digital musical instrument is the main subject of this paper. New methods of playing the karlax are described, in addition to illustrating new music scoring procedures for instructing the music practitioner how to play the karlax. An argument is made for a choice of language that is more familiar to the music practitioner, especially with respect to describing a potential for musical expression. In order to exemplify an approach to wording, which may be easily understood by practitioners, performance techniques and notation for a new composition, entitled "Ritual", are rigorously described. For instance, techniques are explained in relation to: the required physical gestures, notational symbols, audible output, and technical details. Furthermore, the performance techniques are organised into three categories: initiating a sound, controlling volume, and modulating timbre. Emphasis is placed on describing bodily awareness, achieving a holistic mode of interaction, and listening in an effort to convey the emotional undertones embedded in the music. By following these instructions for performance with the karlax, the practitioner will play with feeling, and not merely press keys, push buttons, and turn potentiometers.


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Music & Digital Audio Arts
University of Lethbridge


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