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Notating, Performing and Interpreting Musical Movement Workshop

This workshop will reveal and practice a number of creative techniques based around live notations, movement­-based data acquisition and will include consideration of the human computer interface, comparing (live) coding with more graphical components. Indicatively, live notations will include common practice music notation, text and poetry, raster and vector­based graphics and include an assessment of a variety of new and existing dance notations. In particular the workshop will investigate the idea of ‘intersemiotic translation’ between expressive domains such as music, poetry, dance and visual art and examine the way that such translations guide and inform our creativity through such instantiations as metaphor and analogy. It will also examine the metaphorical nature (or otherwise) of movements made by instrumental musicians and how they compare to the ‘pure’ movements of dancers.


Richard Hoadley     web site
Digital Performance Laboratory, Department of Music
Anglia Ruskin University
United Kingdom


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