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Computer Music Studio and Sonic Lab at Anton Bruckner University Studio Report

The CMS (Computer Music Studio) [1] at Anton Bruckner University in Linz, Austria is hosted now in a new building with two new studios including conceptional side rooms and a multichannel intermedia computer music concert hall - the Sonic Lab [2].
The Sonic Lab is one of the three concert halls at the new campus building of the Anton Bruckner University. It is designed as a computer music concert hall dedicated to multichannel computer music and electroacoustic music, as well as experimental music in cooperation with JIM (the Institute of Jazz and Improvised Music), among others. The development of the CMS is based on an initiative of Ao.Univ.Prof. Andreas Weixler during the years 2005 - 2015 who drafted a plan for a suite of rooms for the Computer Music Studio: Sonic Lab - multichannel computer music concert hall (20.4), Production Studio (20.2), Lecture Studio (8.1), Research Zone (4.1), Project Room (4 ch), Archive, Workshop, Machine Room and two faculty offices.


Andreas Weixler     web site
CMS Computer Music Studio
Anton Bruckner University

Se-Lien Chuang     web site
Atelier Avant Austria


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