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Fluid Control - Media Evolution In Water

We have developed water based electronic elements which we built into electric circuits to control different parameters of electronic sound and video tools. As a result of our research we have constructed a complex controller whose main component is water. This tool makes it possible to control analog and software synthesizers as well as video software and other electronic devices, especially microcontroller based platforms like Arduino or Raspberry.
The aim of this development was to make the change of the sound parameters available in form of a physically experience;
to give the player a resistor / a weight into his hand, which makes it possible, to react in a more immediate and body conscious way to changes in sound - more possible, than classic controllers and interfaces like buttons, faders, rotary potentiometers, touch screens can do.
On may15th 2015 we presented the full potential of "Fluid Control" during the WRO festival Wroclaw, Poland.
In the performance, we showed electric current in form of audio streams, data streams and video streams was processed through water.


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