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Granular Spatialisation, a new method for diffusing sound in high-density arrays of loudspeakers

This paper was originally submitted for the ICMC 2016 together with the acousmatic piece “Spatial Grains, Soundscape No “1,
describing in theory and practice the usage of Granular Spatialisation.
Granular Spatialisation is a new and particular case of an on-going development of diverse systems for automatic,
adjustable and timedynamic spatialisation of sound in real time for highdensity speaker arrays,
and can be therefore contextualised as a further and special case of development in the practice-based research of the author
of this paper about the main topic of full automation of live-electronics processes.

The paper considers both the theoretical background and the initial phases of practice-based research and experimentation
with prototypes programmed to diffuse sound using spatialised granulation.
The second part of the paper refers to a recent experience during a residency at the Cube, Virginia Tech,
using Granular Spatialisation within an array of 134 + 4 loudspeakers for the diffusion of the acousmatic
composition jointly submitted herewith.
Seeing that in the past 40 years, the number of speakers for the diffusion of acousmatic music has constantly increased,
this paperfinds pertinent the main question of this ICMC: “Is the sky the limit?” with regard to the number of loudspeakers
that can be used in acousmatic sound diffusion.


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CASS Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
London Metropolitan University
United Kingdom


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