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How To Play the Piano

This paper describes work involving live generated audio and music notation and mapping techniques used between them. Live and prepared coding as well as live/recorded sounds generate and manipulate the notated material which is then used synchronously in performance by a live musician. In this instance, the music notation generated is detailed common-practice notation, although in principal any arbitrary level of precision and expressive domain including text, graphics and images may be used. Text and audio of an original poem are manipulated algorithmically as a part of the composition. Decisions regarding what, when and how to play are taken by the performer before or during a performance, creating an environment which both interrogates the nature of notation and performance as well as providing a unique portrait of the the performer. Factors influencing all of these decisions are described and discussed as well as other works following these principles and the potential for future developments. This paper is presented alongside a submission of the live notation performance piece `How To Play the Piano'.


Richard Hoadley     web site
Digital Performance Laboratory, Department of Music
Anglia Ruskin University
United Kingdom


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