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Bio-Sensing and Bio-Feedback Instruments --- DoubleMyo, MuseOSC and MRTI2015 ---

his report is about new instruments applied by biologi- cal information sensing and biofeedback. There were three projects developed in 2015 - (1) new EMG sensor "Myo" customized to be used as double sensors, (2) new brain sensor "Muse" customized to be used by OSC, and (3) originally developed "MRTI (Multi Rubbing Tactile Instrument)" with ten tactile sensors. The key concept is BioFeedback which has been getting attention about the relation with emotion and interoception in neuroscience recently. The commercialized sensors "Myo" and "Muse" are useful for regular consumers. However, we cannot use them as new interfaces for musical expression be- cause they have some problems and limitations. I have researched / analyzed them, and arranged / developed them for interactive music. The "DoubleMyo" is devel- oped with original tool in order to use two "Myo" at the same time, and in order to inhibit the "sleep mode" for live performance on stage, and in order to communicate via OSC. The "MuseOSC" is developed with original tool in order to communicate via OSC and in order to receive four channels of the brain-wave, and 3-D vectors of the head. I have reported about the "MRTI2015" in the past conferences, so I will introduce it simply.


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