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Electroacoustic Music as Born Digital Heritage

The preservation of electroacoustic and computer music is highly problematic. This is also true for media art and for born digital cultural heritage in general. This paper discusses the observations, conclusions and recommendations of a Dutch research project on the preservation of born digital heritage in film, photography, architecture and art that are relevant for electroacoustic and computer music. References are made to research on the preservation of electroacoustic music. OAIS, the ISO standard reference model for digital repository, serves as a starting point. Discussed are the difference between born digital vs. digitized heritage and the specific concerns regarding born digital cultural heritage. Attention is paid to the lack of standardization. The recommendations include: to use a distributed OAIS model; to start soon and in an early stage, with simple, basic steps; the importance of education in preservation for art and music students and professionals. The preservation of electroacoustic and computer music is linked to concerns relating to digital heritage in other cultural-artistic realms.


Hannah Bosma    


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