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Converging Objects workshop

We would like to propose a hands-on workshop on interaction, improvisation, compositional and improvisational systems and the combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. We will use a self-designed visual cueing system as the main tool for guiding the improvisations in the workshop.

We are two composer/performers who have many years of experience in electro-acoustic music as well as in teaching what we do. We combine acoustic and electronic sound in a setting that includes an improvisational cueing system to guide us. We continue to experiment with ways of interacting with each other, with the system and with other players, as we develop new ways to use the system. This includes using configurations and variations of the system in our own compositions.

The workshop is targeted at performers who are interested in working with improvisation and composition in live settings where electronics are used. These include: acoustic musicians who improvise and use live electronics in their own setups, those who play with other musicians using electronics, electronic musicians who improvise and work with acoustic players.


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