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The Ear Tone Toolbox for Auditory Distortion Product Synthesis

The Ear Tone Toolbox is a collection of open-source unit generators for the production of auditory distortion product synthesis. Auditory distortion products are sounds generated along the basilar membrane in the cochlea in response to specific pure-tone frequency combinations. The frequencies of the distortion products are separate from the provoking stimulus tones and are not present in the acoustic space. Until the release of the Ear Tone Toolbox, music software for the synthesis of auditory distortion products has not been widely available. This first release is a collection of six externals for Max, VST instruments, and patches for the hardware OWL synthesizer, all of which produce various combinations of distortion products and acoustic primary tones. Following an introduction on the phenomenon and an overview on the biomechanics involved, this paper outlines each unit generator, provides implementation examples, and discusses specifics for working with distortion product synthesis.


Alex Chechile     web site
Stanford University
United States


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