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Approaches to Real Time Ambisonic Spatialization and Sound Diffusion using Motion Capture

This paper examines the use of motion capture to control ambisonic spatialization and sound diffusion parameters in real time. The authors use several softwares, devel-oped in Max, to facilitate the gestural control of spatiali-zation. Motion tracking systems using cameras and pe-ripheral devices such as the Leap Motion are explored as viable and expressive means to provide sound localiza-tion. This enables the performer to therefore use move-ment through personal space to control the placement of the sound in a larger performance environment. Three works are discussed, each using differing methods: an approach derived from sound diffusion practices, an ap-proach using sonification, and an approach in which the gestures controlling the spatialization are part of the drama of the work. These approaches marry two of the most important research trajectories of the performance practice of electroacoustic and computer music; the geo-graphical dislocation between the sound source and the actual, perceived sound, and the dislocation of physical causality to the sound.


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University of Calgary

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Computational Media Design
University of Calgary


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