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RackFX: An Internet of Things Solution for Analog Signal Processing

This paper introduces the RackFX platform as an alternative to using digital plugins that emulate analog hardware devices (plugin modeling) as a way to incorporate analog sound characteristics into computer-based music production. RackFX technology provides digital access to actual analog hardware devices. Given existing technological, social, and perceptual tensions between digital audio workstation-based effects plugins and outboard analog processing units, the RackFX platform provides an “internet of things” solution. The platform is presented as way for a community of internet users to interface directly with off-site analog hardware for the purposes of signal processing. A technical overview of the platform is provided, which outlines user experience and various server and on-site processes that ultimately support the return of an analog-effected digital audio file to the user for each job processing request. Specifics regarding how the digital audio is handled and routed through the system on the device-side (on-site) is paid particular attention. Finally, the social implications of using the platform are discussed, regarding the cultivation of a community of users with un- precedented and affordable access to analog gear, as a new way to leverage digital technology toward the democratization of music production tools and techniques.


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