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Multiple Single-Dimension Mappings of the Henon Attractor as a Compositional Algorithm

This paper describes different uses of a compositional algorithm based on the Henon Map in the creation of a new art-music composition, Au Revoir, Svetozar, for string quartet and guzheng, composed by author Some-body. Unlike other utilizations, the musical mappings here employ the output as single-dimensional data, rather than two-dimensional data and include the use of the Henon Attractor to control a non-isorhythmic cantus firmus and to specify pitch material for the other parts. The Henon Map is a discrete, deterministic dynamical system that exhibits chaotic behavior depending the setting of two parameters – a and b. The mappings described here feature different settings for these two parameters de-pending on the instruments and musical usage. The initial conditions employed, the resulting output, and the map-ping to the musical parameters are shown along with excerpts from the resulting music composition. Au Revoir, Svetozar is scheduled for a premiere performance by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble at the Echofluxx Festival in May 2016 in Prague.


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North Carolina State University
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North Carolina A&T State University
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