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Music Poet:A Performance-Driven Composing System

Innovation is more and more difficult in conventional music composing as we enter the new century. In the past century, gaining inspiration from other forms of art is a main innovative composing method. However, to com-pose music by other forms of art, composers have to be professional in both music and that art form.
In our work, we developed a performance-driven com-posing system named Music Poet. Based on the features of the poem and the music pieces in the database, the computer can automatically compose a piece of music. On one hand, professional musicians who do not know much about poetry can get music material by transform-ing poem into music. On the other hand, amateur com-posers who have not enough music knowledge but know quite well about poetry can also create original music by composing a poem instead of music. Thus, the com-posers’ creativity will be no longer limited by the hu-man’s profession. We believe that the new music material, new methods of information acquisition and data using, and new interactive way can break the limit of tradi-tional composing method and will stimulate composers’ creativity.


Rongfeng Li    
School of Digital Media and Design Arts
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Xinyun Zhang    
School of Foreign Languages
Peking University

Minghui Bi    
School of Arts
Peking University


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