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Noise in the Clouds

This poster describes Metopia, a research project in music, which consists of creating music compositions for the sky and the clouds, with a wireless sensor network to sense the state of the air in urban spaces. This sensor network acquires a complex set of data from the air for the purpose of making a set of sound compositions, using the programming language Pure Data in combination with embedded computers. This research project is using a real-world problem such as air-pollution as a way to explore a responsive sky to communicate the state of the toxic level into a real time auditory response. Atmospheric pollutants is a major health issue and Metopia is one way of examining this problem through aesthetic and conceptual choices using generative principles and through algorithms. Noise in the air from toxic substances is examined through the aesthetics of a music composition.


Eva Sjuve     web site
School of Music, Humanities and Media
University of Huddersfield
United Kingdom


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