International Computer Music Conference 2016 Papers Track

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Big Tent: A Portable Immersive Intermedia Environment

Big Tent, a large scale portable environment for 360 de- gree immersive video and audio artistic presentation and research, is described and initial experiences are report- ed. Unlike other fully-surround environments of consid- erable size, Big Tent may be easily transported and setup in any space with adequate foot print, allowing immer- sive, interactive content to be brought to non-typical au- diences and environments. Construction and implementa- tion of Big Tent focused on maximizing portability by minimizing setup and tear down time, crew requirements, maintenance costs, and transport costs. A variety of dif- ferent performance and installation events are discussed, exploring the possibilities Big Tent presents to contempo- rary multi-media artistic creation.


Benjamin Smith    
Department of Music and Arts Technology
Indiana-University Purdue-University Indianapolis
United States

Robin Cox    
Department of Music and Arts Technology
United States


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