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Designing a Digital Gamelan

DIGIGAM is being developed as a digital instrument to explore the possibilities of a digitalized gamelan. This project roots from a common interest in both traditional and modern art forms and the wish to develop a midi controller based on instruments in Javanese and Sun-danese gamelan ensembles.

The goal is to design controllers that are based on Indo-nesian instruments with the “Bonang” as a starting point. This is the most versatile instrument in the ensem-ble and raises most of the questions in design. Gunawan [1.1] uses nine different strikes to get different sounds from this instrument. These different strikes will have to be translated without changing too much in the style of playing this instrument. Although we want to simulate the original playing style, we also like to add options that are relevant in digital music.

We compare available technology and search for translations that will make sense for composer, player and instrument designer. Because we are working with a computer other options remain available. How can you make optimal use of the available technology and how can you integrate this in their playing styles? We have tried electronic drum kits, build our own controllers and connected the movements of the player to a KINECT camera.


Adrien L' Honoré Naber    


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