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Base samples used in this piece were recorded during a Buddhist ritual for a dead person. There are composed of a monk's chant, moktak (a wooden percussion), a small metal bell, and a Jing (similar to the gong). The buddhist chant itself is quite not categorized as music. Although monks use some percussions to keep in pace, but the chants are very monotonous and don't really have a development or musical turn from beginning to the end. I tried to pull the musical elements out of them and remove the religious ones. The samples were heavily processed using Puredata patch with the phase vocoder and granulat technics. While rearranging the processed samples, the rhythmic and sonic patterns of the buddhist chant were almost removed and recreated but I left a dim trace of a voice chant as a hint of the original.


Won Lee    
South Korea

Won Lee is a sound designer, composer and computer music instructor from South Korea. Won Lee graduated from the Graduate School of Hanyang University, majored in physics. He had worked as a music journalist and editor in 90s. Later, he entered master’s program in Music Technology at New York University and received his degree in 2002. His other works had been selected to be played at ICMC 2012-2014, New York City Elctroacoustic Music Festival 2014, Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2015 and International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology 2015(Taiwan).


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