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Lucid Dream

When we sleep, we can't recognize dreaming. Always wake up and then think. "I was dreaming." But lucid dream is Recognize dreaming when we sleeping.
We can be anything In a lucid dream. This piece based on my experience and I composed 4 section.
section 1 is "When going to sleep"
section 2 is "Can't recognize dreaming"
section 3 is "Recognize dreaming"
section 4 is "Awake"


Gang Hyuk Lee    
Composer, Resercher
South Korea

I was Born 17th December 1986. I Started music when I was seven, but substantial compositions studied 24 years old. I Graduated Cheong-ju University Film School and Graduated music composition, master's degree from Hanyang University.
Currently, Composer and resercher in CREAMA.


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