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Elegie continues a series of works written in 2008 that have all dealt with death--the horizon point between the light of the known and the shadow of the unknown. My temptation has been to dwell in a consideration of both orientations (simultaneous? superimposed?).

Rilke suggests,"the living are wrong to believe in the too-sharp distinctions which they themselves have created." Perhaps in the time of bothness it is unclear what is shadow and what is light. After all, as clouds drift past the moon they are dark on one side and illuminated on the other. Likewise the moon. Like wise the cries and tears of joy and sorrow, which ring in our ears and resound from distant places as we come forward to either receive or relay the warmth of light and the gentle cover of shadow.


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University of New Mexico
United States

Peter Gilbert's work combines traditional instrumental writing with elements of improvisation, live-performed electronics, and other media. His music, whether in multi-media theater, film, installation or a traditional concert, thrives on the act and art of collaboration. He has held artist residencies in Europe and the US at festivals and institutions like the ZKM | Institut für Akustik und Musik and the Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany). Accolades and commissions have come from the Barlow Foundation, the Russolo Foundation, the Look & Listen Festival, the Third Practice Festival, the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, the Washington International Composers Competition. Gilbert holds degrees Illinois Wesleyan University, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Harvard University. He has taught composition, electronic music, music theory and music history at Harvard University, Wellesley College, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland Institute of Music. He currently teaches at the University of New Mexico as Assistant Professor of Composition. Gilbert's work as a composer, performer and producer can be heard on New Focus Recordings and at


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