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Molecular Sonification of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data as a Novel Tool for Sound Creation

“Spin Dynamics” is an acousmatic composition exploring the use of sonified hydrogen and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance data in an electroacoustic music context.
Nuclear magnetic resonance experiments excite molecules to produce electromagnetic radiation in the audible frequency range with unique frequency patterns and timbres for every molecule.
Given that there are far more than 50 million structurally different organic compounds, the potential sounds created are hugely varied and divers. Their use in music composition however is almost unexplored.
In this piece, around 100 organic compounds have been selected and sonified via their sonified via their Hydrogen and Carbon nuclear magnetic resonance data. The sound selection and arrangement is purely following aesthetic concerns, with each section of the music composition highlighting different aspects of the raw molecular sound material.
Aesthetically, this piece explores the dichotomy of the word 'element' and its different meaning within a philosophical and scientific context.
While, according to Aristotle only the four classic elements fire, earth, water and air are needed to create living matter on earth, an organic chemist would argue that the four main elements essential for life are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.
This piece builds a metaphorical bridge between these two worlds by presenting gestures inspired by the elements water and air, made through the sounds of the chemical elements hydrogen and carbon.


Falk Morawitz    
United Kingdom

Falk is a first year PhD composer at the Novars Research Centre Manchester. His interests lie in molecular sonification (turning molecular vibrations into sound), extended sound scape composition, story-driven music composition, sound art and the public reception of science-based art and music. His portfolio encompasses acousmatic compositions, music for moving images, sound art exhibited in various galleries as well as sound-driven virtual reality environments created through game engines.
He holds a Master's degree in both Electroacoustic Composition and Medicinal Chemistry.


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