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In two Minds

>=< c p d (in two minds). Convergent Parallel Divergent are the models of development that structure the relationship between sax and live electronics, exploring new forms of interaction between the performer and an electronic instrument: pure sine waves generated by the sax evolve in different directions, producing audible beats and modulating, according to different perspectives, the sound shape. The sax becomes, thus, through the use of dynamic, gesture, sound attack and envelope of sound a ‘control tool’ which runs the live electronics, creating a sky which is completely shaped by an human action mirrored by electronic action.


Nicoletta Andreuccetti     web site

Nicoletta Andreuccetti composes acoustic and electronic contemporary works. She has enriched her musical training developing a variety of interests ranging from musicology to aesthetic and psychology of music. After the awards in several international competitions (I prize at the International Electroacoustic Music Competition MUSICANOVA in Prague, I prize at Dutch Harp Composition Contest Utrecht etc.) her music has been performed in the most significant international festivals: Achantes 2009 (Metz, Paris), ISCM World New Music Days 2011 (Music Biennale Zagreb), International Gaudeamus Music Week 2012, Biennale di Venezia 2012, New Horizons Music Festival (USA 2013), Festival Music and Performing Arts (New York University 2013), Symphonic Orchestra of Lecce, Mixtur 2014 (Barcelona), Bienal de fin del mundo (Chile), Expo 2015 (Milan), ISCM World New Music Days 2014 (Athens), Muslab 2015 (Mexico), INTER/actions 2016 symposium (Bangor).


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