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‘E/x-plot’ is a spatialized fixed-media work constructed entirely from a samples of a recording of ‘Half Price’, an improvisation I performed with Arran Price (trumpet) in 2011.

The work inspects and interrogates two dichotomies which permeate contemporary computer-music practice: first, that between electroacoustic and electronica musics, which share media but (supposedly) differ in aesthetic context, and which in this piece are allowed to confront and question each other’s formal and poietic contours. Secondly, that of the acoustic and the synthetic, whose ontological differences are rendered technically redundant when mediated through one and the same acousmatic surface (the loudspeaker).

It was originally commissioned for a private symposium centred around works for trumpet and electronics, and it felt important to me to present a work which dissolved the demarcation of those two forces, and to write the performers (the trumpeter and myself) completely out of the picture as far as staging is concerned. It is intended for presentation in complete darkness.


Jeevan Rai     web site
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University of Surrey
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Jeevan Rai is a laptop-composer/improviser and sound artist, focusing on experiential grain and its phenomenological relationship with textures of environment. He has collaborated with Peter Wiegold, Huw Watkins, Melanie Pappenheim, Max Baillie, Sarah Field and Martin Butler, with performances at the National Portrait Gallery, Great St Barts, Barbican PIT Lab, Guildford International Music festival, and Vibe. He is currently undertaking fully-funded practice-based doctoral research in the creative ecology of electronicism and digital ‘liveness’ at the University of Surrey, where he also teaches undergraduate and masters courses in composition, computer music and screen music.


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