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Sines, Crickets And A Few

„Sines, crickets and a few“ is a calm piece within a closed form in which happenings occur at the perception threshhold. The result is a sensitive expectation of listening, that is enhanced by the possibilities of surround sound. At the beginnin, the ambiguity of sound is thematized. Natural recordings of crickets are intertwined with electronical noise and sounds in a way that makes a distinct allocation difficult. This is enhanced by a strongly limited and radically chosen spectrum of frequencies. This reduced spectrum, its development and expansion are formative elements of the composition. Working on a form that is almost undramatic was a central inspiration for the piece. The recordings, which are all originated in indonesian forests and coastal landscapes aren't meant as narrative sounds but rather as fragments of memories.


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Born 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia Paul Hauptmeier grew up in Bremen Germany. Since 2014 he studies electroacoustic composition in the class of Prof. Robin Minard at the University of music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.
Since 2012 he realized several projects in the field of acoumatic music, installations and live electronic in Bremen, Berlin, Weimar, Rudolstadt-Festival and Ilmenau.


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