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A line(線) in Chinese characters is defined in many different ways. A line can create boundaries, be a starting point, and be a threshold of something, etc. The view that I convey is that a line can be a critical point in which discerning happens between two states.
This live multimedia performance deals with the exact turning point delineating unawareness and becoming cognizant of a stimulus
With this concept, an audience is part of visuals by video projection.


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South Korea

jehoyun is a composer and sound visual artist, who lives in Seoul, Korea and has been crossing various fields such as interactive sound, sound installation, audio-visual and mapping projection.
He graduated from the Korea National University of Arts (Artist Diploma in Music Technology) and he teaches students at School of Music, Korea National University of Arts and at Digital Design, Daegu Catholic University. Now he is in progress the project <Soundhue> to fuse light, sound and space for audience experience of the site-specific Performance.
His pieces were selected to be performed in ‘Seoul International Computer Music Festival’(2010) which was hosted by Korean Electro Acoustic Society(KEAMS) , ‘Audio Art Circus in Osaka’(2010) which was hosted by the Osaka University and he has been selected as the artist of the 2015 MAP(Mullae Arts Plus) so he has had an exclusive performance in the name of ’Soundhue’ at MullaeArtspace.
He has participated in several sound performance and new media art projects such as ‘Korea Experimental Arts Festival’(2010),‘Seoul Square Media Canvas’(2011), 'opening performance' at Children's Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea(2012),’TEMPest2013’(2013),’Sound or Music?’(2014),’PAMS Choice - Things that remember’(2015).


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