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…into one per se

This is an audiovisual work that inspired by the movie theory of Godard. He says, a movie is “chain of a picture”. A video materials with each other to form a discourse is a discrete, but viewers have associated with them. To create this work, Google image search results are used by a particular keyword (person or person category) as a visual materials. To present — discrete images — continuously attempts to express the process of recognition that occurs within a viewer.


Keisuke Yagisawa    
Sonology Department
Kunitachi College of Music

Keisuke Yagisawa (1982-) is an audiovisual artist. He studied electronic music and visualization at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (Netherlands) and at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan). Since 2014, he is attending the doctor’s programme at Kunitachi College of Music, Japan.


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