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Recorder and Computer

The piece is composed with soprano & tenor recorder. As the delay in the introduction to a short staccato overlap and create a regular rhythm. The long bass tone of tenor recorder a sine wave also make beats in some parts. The strong attack of recorder will trigger the electronic sounds and the performance itself, from the noise to ordinary sound changing to a different timbre (timbre melody) was expressed.


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South Korea

Jongchan, Hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1983. He studied Composition and Electro-acoustic music at Chugye University for the Arts(2002-2008, BA), Music Technology at Korea National University of Arts(2009-2011, Artist Diploma) and Sonology in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague(MA). His main interest is electro-acoustic music and audio-visual. He has worked as composer and sound designer for films and dance performance. And also work as interactive designer for opera and dance performance. He has worked as concert producer for SICMF(2009-2011, 2016), fest-M (2009-2011) and Asia Computer Music Festival(2010)


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