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Chromotoy I Three Sketches

Three Sketches (2012)
for Schoenhut Toy Grand Piano (37 keys),
Toy Piano Tines, Soundwheel and Elecx
“Chromotoy I” is the third piece in a trilogy of three compositions for
various acoustic and electronic keyboards and small percussion
instruments. "Chromotoy II" is written for Yamaha Disklavier, live
sampling and improvisation by the performer. "Chromotoy III" is for
acoustic grand piano, toy grand piano and midi toy piano, which uses
samples of toy piano or piano harmonics.
The form of "Chromotoy I" is the most open of the three works, in its
timing and interaction of the acoustic instruments with pre-recorded
samples and live electronics. The timbres of the iron toy piano tines is
heard in two ways - through the sounding board of the instrument itself,
and also, mounted solo on a resonating wine box. In addition, the
soundwheel, a unicycle wheel played with invented implements,
complements the chromatic pitches of the tines.
Unifying gestures of the piece are the glissandi on the solo tines and
soundwheel, a whirring sound recalling the fluttering of wings, or
mechanical water wheels or lathes. Guirlandes of fast notes echo these
glissandi with sustained tones giving breathing space in between.
Tempi speed up and slow down within these gestures, creating peaks of
excitation and ambient languor.


Christina Viola Oorebeek     web site
autonomous composer

Christina Viola Oorebeek
geboortedatum: November 7, 1944 in
Port Washington, New York

Not the 'new' for novelty's sake, but an open mind and extreme curiosity for what's happening around her, plus a need to evolve and renew a personal aesthetic are the motivations behind Oorebeek's work.

A trip to Las Vegas to record one-arm bandits in the mega-casino's for a music-theatrical piece; developing new instruments - 'the soundwheel', de plexaphone, the midi-toy piano; writing the story and libretto for her chamber opera, "The Pitchshifter" and "The Zapdream"; making music for kite, percussion and live electronics, belong to the work of someone from the 1960's, who never lost the love of experimentation and lack of adherence to convention.

Oorebeek is an American-Dutch composer who left the U.S.A. in '69. She sang for two years in the 60's acoustic rock band, 'Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks' in San Francisco and tried her hand at writing songs. Having alighted in Amsterdam in '72, and after years as an improvising dance musician and 'rhythm for dance' teacher, she couldn't resist the need to start composing autonomous music.

At 50, she embarked on a career in composition, studied with Klaas de Vries in Rotterdam and graduated with the Composition Prize.

New works 2016:
"Wind Jewel" for bass-clarinet and (live)elecx
"Period Point Blank" for panflute, guitar, tape and kinetic collage, Duo Verso
"Fuel-Up" quatres-mains for 31 tone organ


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