International Computer Music Conference 2016 Music Track

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White Light Black Static

Image is sound and sound is image: in White Light Black Static complex monochromatic images light up the performance space while interactive software transforms these images into intricately convoluted sounds. The precise synchronization of image and sound creates an experience that is at times powerful and overwhelming, at times subdued and fragile. Geometric patterns transform into chaotic structures that evolve into faint shadows, which then grow into rapid successions of flashing luminous forms.


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Marcel Wierckx is a sound and video artist who creates music and image for concert, film, theatre and dance. His fascination with technology started at an early age, having written his first computer program in assembly language when he was 12 years old. Shortly thereafter his obsession with music led him to study guitar and instrumental composition before turning to electronic music in the 1990's, studying with Zack Settel, Bruce Pennycook and Alcides Lanza at McGill University. Currently his field of interest is exploring modes of performing electronic music, including audiovisual systems, live coding, and developing frameworks for interaction. Wierckx also teaches live electronic music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and composition and software design at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology.


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