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slaag - for Bass Clarinet and Interactive Systems

s.laag - for Bass Clarinet and Interactive Systems

s.laag is an interactive works especially composed for Dutch Bass Clarinettist Marij Van Gorkom, as part of the project started in 2015. The Dutch word 'laag' means low but it may also refer to the concepts of layer, stratum and thickness, which resonate more with the compositional thinking behind this work. This piece's title 's.laag' means pass (also in Dutch), and it evoked the sonic fluxus and tortuous labyrinths for interaction between the acoustic instrument and the electronic medium.
s.laag is a rather abstract aural fingerprint taken from Dutch Bass Clarinettist Marij van Gorkom during a working session using aural scores technique, from which I was able to extract some peculiar aspects of her sonic identity, as reflected in the composition.


Ricardo Climent     web site
Music, School of Arts Histories and Cultures
NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester
United Kingdom

Ricardo Climent is Professor of Interactive Music Composition at University of Manchester, UK, where he serves as director of the NOVARS Research Centre and as head of Composition. For the last few years his research has focused on the potential of game-audio, physics and graphic engines for compositional purposes, using ‘the aural’ as the primary source for navigation and exploration. Web-links: game-audio projects:; Collection of musical works:; for NOVARS:


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