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Definierte Lastbedingung

The composition “Definierte Lastbedingung” (engl. defined load condition) is based upon the sounds of electromagnetic fields as they arise when using electric devices. Numerous recordings of electromagnetic fields were made at the Institute for Electrical Machines, Traction and Drives (IMAB) of Technical University of Braunschweig with a special microphone.

This sound material has little of what a “musical” sound is intrinsically. There is no depth and no momentum. In their noisiness these sounds are static, though moved inside. They usually seem bulky, harsh and repellent, even hermetic as the well known electrical hum.

“Defined load condition” (a technical term when testing electrical machines) works with these sounds which are studied in their structure, reformed and musically dramatized by the means of the electronic studio.

The mains frequency of electrical current in Europe is 50 hertz and 50 and its multiples is also the numerical key this composition is based upon in a variety of ways.

spatialization: ambisonic 3rd order - 8 channel


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Clemens von Reusner (b. 1957) is a composer and sonic artist based in Germany, who is focused on electroacoustic music. He studied musicology and music-education, drums with Abbey Rader and Peter Giger. Since the end of the 1970s he has been engaged in electroacoustic music, radio plays and soundscape compositions. At the end of the 1980s development of the music software KANDINSKY MUSIC PAINTER. Member of the German Composers Society (DKV). 2006-2009 member of the board of the EUROPEAN FORUM KLANGLANDSCHAFT (FKL). 2010-2013 member of the board of the German Society For Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM).

International broadcasts and performances of his compositions, i.a.:
Musica Nova 2009, Prague; Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2010/2014, Seoul; International Csound Conference 2011, Hannover; International Computer Music Conference ICMC 2013/2015; Noise Floor Festival 2010/2011/2015, Stafford (U.K.); ISCM World New Music Days 2011, Zagreb; Opus Medium Project 2011, Tokyo; Aaron Copland School of Music 2011, New York; EMUFest 2012/2013/2015, Rome; Concierto Octofonico 2013/2015, Montevideo, Uruguay; Electro Arts Festival 2013, Cluji Romania; Network Music Festival 2013, Birmingham (U.K.); ZKM 2014; Linux Audio Conference 2014/2015; Festival Kontakte 2015, Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Festival NOMADES, Bogota, Colombia; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014/2015; International Csound Conference 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia.


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