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"Ik ́" is the name of the 2nd day in the ritual calendar of the Maya associated with
breath and wind.The liturgical year consisted of twenty cycles and their glyphs,
each of them thirteen days long, and had 260 days in all.
For the tone material I use a contemporary folk song from Central America and a
virtually generated original song of the Maya.The flute score consists of virtuoso variations
mixed with the graphical-audio analysis of this particular glyph. It is divided in 20 different
fragments combined with algorithms controlling the electronic flutes which follow the soloist.


Christian Banasik     web site
Peter Behrens School of Arts
University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf

Christian Banasik (*1963)
studied composition with Gunther Becker and Dimitri Terzakis at the Robert Schumann Academy of Music in Dusseldorf and with Hans Zender at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. His instrumental and electronic works have been featured in concerts and radio programs throughout Europe as well as in the Americas, Asia, and Australia. He has received national and international music awards and scholarships. Banasik is lecturer for Audio Visual Design at the University for Applied Sciences / Peter Behrens School of Arts and the artistic director of the Computer Music Studio and the EM composition class of the Clara Schumann Music School in Dusseldorf/Germany. Beside live electronics and computer generated music, he has produced fixed media works, radio plays and film soundtracks.


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