3. Educating for the sky

Courses in Computer Music and/or Music Technology come in all sorts of gradations and cultural views. In Europe, for example, we have courses with a strong artistic focus, a strong focus on technology, a focus on personal development, a focus on research and a strong focus on existing professional practice. The question might be – what is our educational goal and what is advisable? The answer to this question will be strongly influenced by the culture in which the question is answered, by the institute, by the background of whoever is formulating the answer, by legislation, tradition and other customs, and by the era in which this question is answered.

There are contexts in which tradition dictates that the student’s artistic development has top priority. In Europe, however, higher education is increasingly judged on the extent to which it links up with existing professional practice.

These two perspectives on “Educating for the sky” appear to contradict one another (depending on the definition of existing professional practice). It may be wiser to answer the question by charting existing situations along with the relevant arguments.

This inventory may lead to mutual comparisons and to greater understanding of what “Educating for the sky” could mean and how courses in Computer Music and Music Technology have developed in the recent past and will develop in the near future.


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