Call for workshops


The deadline for submitting your workshop proposal has expired. A commission is looking into all submissions. You will be notified on April 14 2016 whether or not your submission has been accepted.

Registration for presenters will be open as of that date. 

Since you’re submission is being reviewed, we strongly advise you to keep your registration for the ICMC 2016 on hold, until selection of the submissions is announced. You will be notified by email on April 14 2016. We will make sure there is enough capacity left for you to hold your registration until that date. You will receive an instruction how to register together with the notification of acceptance.

The registration / ticket sale for non-presenters is now open.

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2016 invites submissions of proposals for workshops at the conference, which will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 12 to 16 September 2016.

The ICMC 2016 Conference theme is: “Is the sky the limit?”

We encourage the submission of proposals for workshops that are related to the conference topics. Submissions must be sent electronically through the ICMC 2016 website.

Electronic submission is available through the conference management system.


Please assign each workshop proposal to one or to several (but no more than three) of the following categories:

• Acoustics of Music
• Aesthetics, Theory and Philosophy
• Algorithmic Composition
• Analysis of Electroacoustic Music
• Analysis/Synthesis
• Artificial Intelligence and Music
• Composition and Improvisation
• Composition Systems and Techniques
• Computational Musicology
• Computer Systems in Music Education
• Digital Audio Signal Processing and Audio Effects
• Distributed and Mobile Music
• History and Education
• History of Electroacoustic Music
• Interaction and Improvisation
• Languages for Computer Music
• Live Coding
• Mathematical Music Theory
• Music Information Retrieval
• New Interfaces for Musical Expression
• Perception and Cognition of Sound and Music
• Physical Modelling and Instrumental Acoustics
• Piece and Paper
• Representation and Models for Computer Music
• Software and Hardware Systems
• Spatialisation Techniques
• Studio Reports
• Virtual Reality